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Pagewood Green Part I


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Development overview

Construction Commenced
Project type


Floor count


Building type


Development size

1745 residences

Development details

1,745 apartments
Shopping facilities (up to 5,000 sq m)
2 childcare centres
Restaurants / cafe
Medical facilities
Public accessible open space (13,000 sq m)
Central park (8,000 sq m)
Civic square (1,000 sq m)
Subdivision into 8 urban blocks
New internal roads
Roads & access ways
Concrete hardstand areas
Lawns & garden areas
Car parking (3,600 spaces)

2 golf courses

Stage 1 - Urban Block 5W (UB5W) : Allium Apartments - (Construction commenced) (DA-16/18)

487 apartments
2 x 20 storey apartment buildings
2 x 16 storey apartment buildings
246 x 2 bedroom apartments
153 x 3 bedroom apartments
88 x 1 bedroom apartments
Childcare centre (91 place)
Communal open space
Private open spaces
Plant equipment storage
Storage spaces
Recreational facilities
845 car parking spaces

Stage 2 - Urban Block 5E (UB5E): Dahlia Apartments - (Construction commenced) (DA-16/143)

202 apartments
2 x 6 storey apartment building
1 x 8 storey apartment building
1 x 16 storey apartment building
Podium (1,796.8 sq m)
42 x 1 bedroom apartments
95 x 2 bedroom apartments
65 x 3 bedroom apartments
Swimming pool
Living area
Dining area
Laundry area
1 level basement car parking area
3 above ground basement car parking area
340 car parking spaces
Landscaping works
Associated works & services

Stage 3 - Urban Block 4 (UB4): Viola Apartments - (Construction commenced) (DA-17/1022)

167 apartments
Ground floor childcare centre (31 place)
2 x part 6 & 8 storey buildings
Outdoor play area (635 sq m)
Waste rooms
Plant & services area
Storage areas
Roof terrace
319 basement car parking spaces
46 bicycle parking spaces
Communal open space
Hard & soft landscaping

Stage 4 - Urban Block 3 (UB3) - (Construction commenced) (DA 10.2017.1224.1)

356 x 16 storey apartment buildings
225 x 2 bedroom apartments
78 x 3 bedroom apartments
53 x 1 bedroom apartments
6 building apartment
4 & 5 storey podium base
Swimming pool
586 basement car parking spaces over 3 basements
Loading bay
Bicycle spaces
Communal open space
Hard & soft landscaping
Associated works & services

Stage 5 - Urban Block 5C (UB5C) - Orchid Apartments: (Construction commenced) (DA 10.2018.1003.1)

515 x 13 to 21 storey apartments
Relocation of Civic Retail Square (1,000 sq m)
Ground floor retail tenancies fronting Civic Ave (up to 5,000 sq m)
5 storey podium base
Recreational facilities
692 car parking spaces
Loading bay
Car wash bay
Bicycle spaces
Communal open space
Hard & soft landscaping
Associated site preparation works & services

Communal Open Spaces (Construction commenced):Central Park (8,000 sq m)

Basketball court
Barbecue area
Outdoor cinema

Civic Plaza (1,000 sq m)

Alfresco dining
Shaded seating area
Public art space

Linear Park:

Social space

Building elements include:

Concrete slab
Structural steel
Metal sheet roofing
Roof plumbing
Telecommunications & electrical cabling
Air conditioning
Ventilation & insulation
Aluminium balustrades
Clear glass balustrades
Metal wall cladding
Aluminium framed windows & doors
Ceramic floor tiles
Lifts & stairwells
Masonry blocks
Timber flooring
Joinery & fixtures
Smoke alarms & safety equipment
Plumbing & drainage

Early works (Project abandoned) (DA 10.2018.1159.1)

Water supply infrastructure


Project website: Associated Project: Refer Project ID - 7334016 - British American Tobacco Factory (construction commenced)Refer Project ID - 150092017 - Pagewood Green Part IINB: UB1 & UB2 will now be part of Pagewood Green Part II

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