What to look for when deciding where to live

What to look for when deciding where to live

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Most of us know where we want to live. Some of us may thrive living in the centre of the city with an abundance of amenities at the doorstep, while others prefer the village-atmosphere of suburbia. But no matter which you prefer, there are some common necessities we all look for when seeking our next home.

Proximity to work

When full-time work can take 8-9 hours out of the day, it makes sense many of us strive to live in a location close to our place of employment. If you work in the city, you’ll want to look at places in inner-city suburbs which put you within 5-6km of the CBD. Alternately, seek out apartments which place you no further than 20-30 minutes of work so you can spend less time in transit.

Public transport

As we become increasingly aware of our impact on the earth, more people than ever are seeking alternate transport. If you’ve ever lived in a rental, you’ll have noticed more people attended inspections where the home was located within a 10-15 minute walk or less of a train station, tram stop or bus line.

You should do the same when looking to buy an apartment. Alternatively, if you ride a bike as your main mode of transport, look out for projects near bike paths, or if you have a car sharing account, ensure there’s a parking pod nearby.


While outer suburbs are more affordable, you need to make sure it has the basic amenities covered.

Walk around your potential new neighbourhood and time how far away your potential new address is from the closest supermarket and medical clinic. Can’t go without a barista-made coffee in the morning? Make sure there’s at least one good café within walking distance.

Green spaces

A variety of parks is often the difference between a good suburb and a great suburb. These green spaces bring together the local community and are especially important if you choose to live in an apartment with a balcony instead of a garden terrace. If you make sure your next home is located near lush and landscaped reserves, you’ll be able to host picnics with friends on the weekend with ease.

Family in park

Catchment zones

If you’ve started your own family or are looking to, you’ll want to be located in a good education catchment zone. In Melbourne, the south-eastern corridor is well known for its array of prestigious schools, while in Sydney this is in the north-west.

Sure, preferences change with your age and life stage, and personal preference, but the above are the basics you’ll want to seek out when looking to buy an apartment.

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