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Ten To Twelve Lindsay St

Development location

10 Lindsay Street, Brighton, Victoria 3186

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Time waits for nobody

Inspired by the traditional quality of Brighton, architect Paul Conrad has envisioned an address of thoughtful forms and confident materiality.

The design takes full advantage of light, space and the inherent visual beauty of Lindsay Street to create, quite simply, a collection of homes of ageless character.

Miriam Fanning from Mim Design has crafted a series of refined interiors imbued with warmth and depth, and ready to embrace the personality of its residents through space for curated art, books and collectibles. 

From the floorboards to the chamfered stone, the design is refreshingly contemporary, and yet also inviting and comfortable.

Acclaimed landscape architect Jack Merlo has cocooned the building with a verdant border, connecting it to the canopy of plane trees along Lindsay Street. Complementing the architecture are lush courtyards, serene rooftop gardens and a mix of evergreen and deciduous plantings to cultivate an environment of natural beauty.

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