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SMA Projects

SMA Projects Australia is a privately owned development company established by Director Martin Strode in 1993

SMA Projects Australia is a privately owned development company established by Director Martin Strode in 1993. With a specialized boutique approach to residential and commercial development within a 5km radius of the Melbourne CBD, the company creates high impact developments through innovative design and internal construction/building control. SMA aims to develop high quality, contemporary living and working environments with exceptional value and capital growth performance.

Having carved a niche as both builder and developer SMA uses a hands-on approach that enables full control of the whole property development cycle from initial design and development, sales and marketing through to construction and successful settlement.

Demonstrating creative architectural thinking and innovative design principles, SMA works closely with all consultants and contractors to ensure the success of each individual development. SMA strives to achieve the best in hand crafted modern living along with an experience that provides added benefits and returns to both investors and owner occupiers. From a living and investment perspective SMA hopes to gain the trust of its purchasers through also remaining approachable and adaptable.

What’s unique to SMA?

SMAs holistic and hands on approach to a project is defined by the strong direction and understanding driven by the company’s Director. It is through this defined ambition that SMA as a company internally, and what they can deliver to customers is unique in both end product and the experience throughout.

SMA is not afraid to take risks and is able to through having full confidence in the company’s ability to provide what is necessary to overcome them. Always ahead of the market, SMA has the ability to select sites that once developed, outperforms the market in terms of capital growth and added value.

Historically being a quiet achiever leading boutique apartment developments from a more private space, SMA Projects has grown organically over the years, now gaining momentum in a more public environment sharing that space with other progressive and innovative developers around Melbourne. SMA has a formidable reputation for design and construction excellence proved by their rate of sales. With an unsurpassed display of company support identified by the number of second time purchasers of SMAs delivered product speaks words of its own. Understanding the need of the investor and owner occupier, SMA product reflects the individual needs of both and incorporates innovate and appropriate features into its development projects. SMA has the ability to source and identify properties with huge potential for growth performance and its value holding properties. Having trust in the very best in architectural design, construction and delivery, along with having a hands on approac h throughout the journey, SMA has an unrivaled track record of success and customer satisfaction by creating products that survive beyond the trends.

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