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Deicorp Properties

Deicorp. Built to deliver.

Built to Succeed

Since Deicorp was founded in 1999, we’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as one of Sydney’s leading property developers. Having started as a building and construction business, we’ve developed 6,000 apartments and over 110,000 sqm of commercial space over 18 years.

We’ve proven to industry leaders and smart investors alike that Deicorp has an unmatched understanding of the region and market trends. Selecting our suburbs on a winning formula of accessibility and affordability has allowed us to produce quality projects that deliver return on investment. And while others look global, Deicorp remains proudly Australian and privately owned.

Built to Service

At Deicorp, we aim to deliver the highest possible level of service and care to our clients.

We understand that purchasing an off-the-plan property can be complicated, especially when it’s your first time. Deicorp aims to make this experience a smooth one, starting with a pre-settlement event. A number of experts will run you through the complete process and answer any questions.

Joining you on this journey is our dedicated team of property development and construction specialists. Their diverse range of knowledge and experience span project management, construction management, design, engineering services, strata management, project marketing.

So you can trust that Deicorp will be there with you as your property is efficiently and successfully completed, every step of the way.

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