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Located 3km from the CBD, Collingwood is one of Melbourne’s oldest inner city suburbs currently on the rise. Once industrial, its brick-built factories continue to make way for boutique apartments and luxury townhouses.
Playing a tug of war with neighbouring Fitzroy for the title of Melbourne’s creative hub, a host of galleries, studios and artist spaces give the suburb its socially active edge.


Youthful and artistic to its core, Collingwood is home to a wealth of creative businesses. As such, the local gallery, bar and food scene helps keep the population on the eclectic and friendly side.
Predominantly home to younger professionals enjoying an affordable rental with an easy CBD commute, there are still streets of older terraces with long-term locals or young families keen for a quiet street in a neighbourhood with original character.


From its western border of Smith Street, the vibrant mix of cool bars, coffee shops, trend-setting eateries and hip fashion boutiques sets the tone for this restless suburb. Live music still beats strongly in Collingwood with a host of small and timeless venues packed full of patrons.
Art and culture thrive here and you’ll find a full roster of events and gallery showings on any given weekend. The curious and supportive local crowd will grab a coffee and attend pretty much anything, but that’s the point – living in Collingwood is about the participation. Find your perfect place here, and you can’t help but join in.


Collingwood’s housing and apartment markets continue to rise as developers move in with smart, boutique apartment and townhouse projects that tap into the local sentiment. 
Tram, bus and train connections also border the suburb on all sides further adding to its appeal. A two bedroom apartment will cost around $630,000 with a weekly rental value of around $575 per week.

Developments in Collingwood

Bedford by Milieu
32 Bedford Street, Collingwood VIC 3066

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