3011 Victoria


Regarded as one of Melbourne’s most eccentric neighbourhoods, Footscray, located just 5km west of the CBD is flush with culture, character, and most importantly, promise.

Who’s Next Door?

Footscray is home to a variety of characters from many different cultural backgrounds and upbringings. 

With Victoria University located in the heart of the suburb, Footscray is inundated with youth and life, with most streets occupied by those who are still studying.

However, despite the dominance of young singles, professionals and investors are also attracted to the area due to its proximity as a suburb on the city fringe.

The Culture

As a banner for multiculturalism, a drive down Hopkins Street will show just how much an influence it has had. The area is home to some of Melbourne’s best Vietnamese restaurants and bars, as well as Ethiopian cafés with some of the best coffee you’ll ever taste.

Despite Footscray’s proximity to Melbourne’s CBD, there isn’t a lack of openness and greenery. In fact, this area is renowned for its beauty, with many parks, gardens and of course the river. If you ever need to take a step away from the busy pressures of life, a stroll down to Footscray Park can often do wonders.

The Number Game

Footscray is under a transformation. Whilst its industrial past deterred many purchasers a decade ago, today developers are fighting over land to be able to build there. Footscray is on the up, and with most apartments available for around $430,000, and a weekly rental income of approximately $390 p/w, there is little reason to wonder why.