3191 Victoria


Sandringham, the next bayside suburb to hit the property boom. Located directly on the bay, and only 5-10 minutes away from Brighton, Sandringham is now becoming a haven to a new breed of occupants.

Previously Sandringham was a calm place to retire, but now, as the city expands, Sandringham is experiencing a progressive movement towards a hip café culture and a beautiful beach existence. Sandringham is strongly considered to be Melbourne’s next blue-chip suburb.


Sandringham is a beloved pocket of Melbourne - touched with the calmness of bayside living and equal connection with the rest of Melbourne.

It is here, in Sandringham that everything moves at a slower pace than the rest of Melbourne, with an abundance of parks, beaches, schools and community centres scattered throughout.


Sandringham is a great place for families who want the beauty of the beach, with direct access to the city via the Sandringham line train line.

Sandringham will also openly welcome not only those with two legs but also those with four. A suburb with an emphasis on lifestyle and wellbeing, it is an influential suburb to raise a family and will offer little resistance to your children playing outside.


Sandringham is relatively new to the apartment market, with a huge emphasis on amenity, seeing as the location is remarkable.

Sandringham's proximity to the beach offers tranquillity and peacefulness, providing a unique appeal to an area of town with an upwards growth projection.

Apartments generally sell for around $675,000, with an improving rental income of $470 p/w.